Artwork Guidelines

Logo Area

For 24″ height logos we do not recommend a width greater than 37″. For 56″ width logos we do not recommend a height over 16″.  Pricing includes logos up to 6 sq. ft.  Upon receiving your artwork and any size preferences we will size and position your logo as we see best on a proof for your approval.  Any logos larger than 6 sq. ft. will be charged $41.67 (R) per sq. ft.  Please keep in mind 95% of logos look good 4.5 sq. ft. or smaller.


Should your customer want a very large logo, or a full front panel (full bleed) or their entire cloth with a logo (step and repeat, or a logo on each panel) our dye-sublimated cloths are probably their best bet.  Please contact customer service for pricing and more information.

File Format

The preferred format is an all vector, high resolution Adobe Illustrator file (.ai, .eps or .pdf).  Please convert all text to outlines. Please setup logo so it looks just as it should appear on the cloth.  “No artwork fee” means that we will not charge any fee with a proper vector artwork submission with no changes to the logo.

If you need us to edit/change logo, pricing is as follows:

  • Small edit fee (add a line of text, for instance) $16.67 (R).
  • Vector fee (redraw a logo in vector format) $41.67 (R).  If you wish for us to sell your vector logo to you, we charge an additional $41.67 (R).
  • Large edit fee (rebuild a logo, combine logos, etc.) fee will start at $50.00 (R).


A mock-up proof of the logo on the display cloth will be emailed for approval. All of the sizing and color information will be included with the proof and accompanying sales order, and it will be shown to scale. After reviewing the proof, we ask that you reply to the proof email with approval or instead with any desired changes. PLEASE review the proof in detail as you are ensuring the accuracy of the proof.  If errors are approved on the proof, we are not responsible.


We would be happy to make the necessary adjustments and setup up a new proof for review. Three (3) proofs (for same logo), are included with the price of the cloth.  Any additional proofs will be $16.67 (R) each. Please remember that we do need approval of the new proof before production can continue.

Pantone matching

If you would like us to match Pantone colors, include the values in the art file as well as on the PO.  We do not charge for this service.  Please understand that we will match the Pantone colors as best we can, but an exact match cannot be guaranteed.  We use CMYK process, so comparisons will be done by eye (vs. using actual PMS inks). Non-stock one color logos (PMS matches) fall under full color pricing.

Additional Information

Any changes after proof approval and payment submission will be charged for, assuming they can be done.  Fees will start at $8.34 (R).